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After the registration, you will be provided with addresses of ASE's different warehouses in order to easily shop online.

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After the product you ordered is delivered to our warehouse, we need 5-10 days to deliver to Baku, Azerbaijan and contact you to pick up.

Tariffs by countries

Up to 100g 2 USD 4.8 USD 3.3 USD
From 100g to 200g 2.5 USD 4.8 USD 3.3 USD
From 200g to 500g 3 USD 4.8 USD 3.3 USD
From 500g to 1 kg 5.8 USD 7.8 USD 6.95 USD
1 kg and up 5.8 USD 7.8 USD 6.95 USD
10kg and up 5.8 USD 7.8 USD 6.95 USD

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Here you can find list of online stores from countries that we operate and provide delivery services.

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Affordable price, Quality service, Fast delivery.

Affordable price

International cargo transportation will be delivered to you at the most affordable prices.

Quality service

ASE Express is an international carrier, always looking for the best service.

Easy documentation

All operations can be viewed in the ASE client panel.

Fast delivery

Get your parcel at our office or use our courier service.


Number of flies

100 gr = 2 USD

Turkey tariff
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